How To Order

Pathway Connectivity only sells through our extensive dealer network.  If you like what you see, try calling your favorite theatrical lighting dealer.  Chances are they sell our gear.


If you're having trouble finding a dealer, gives us a call or use the Contact Us! page to drop us a line.  We'll be happy to direct you to the closest dealer. 

Horizon™ Support


Although the consoles are no longer under development, you can still get help through Pathway Connectivity.  For the last Horizon code release click here.  For the last Marquee code release, click here.  For support, send an email to support at pathwayconnect.com

Cognito Technical Bulletin #16-5-19-#1


A new software update for the original Cognito is available.   Application software version May 16 2016 aligns the feature set of Cognito with already released features of Cognito2, as well as providing performance and stability optimizations, and bug fixes. 


The release, including installation instructions and release notes, may be downloaded here.


The bulletin, describing new features, changes and bug fixes, may be viewed here.

Six New Introductions at USITT 2016
Pathway Booth at USITT 2016
Pathway Connectivity is showing the following new products in booth #705 at USITT Salt Lake City.
Choreo NSB Networked Buttons and Sliders
VIA5 DIn-Mountable Gigabit Switch
Choreo Mounting Accessories
If you can't come by the booth for a product tour, see below for more details.
Pathport Firmware Update Available


Pathport Bulletin 16_3_7-1


This bulletin covers all currently shipping Pathport models.  The full text may be downloaded from here .


OVERVIEW:  Firmware version 3.7.2 has been released as a maintenance release.  For systems with performance or stability issues, specifically systems incorporating Octo or Quattro gateways, upgrade is recommended.


Cognito2 and Choreo Software Update Available


Controls Technical Bulletin #16_3_1-1


This bulletin covers all Cognito2 models, all Choreo models and CognitoPC for Windows and OSX (except El Capitan), whether used as a console or as an OLE.  The original Cognito console is excluded from this bulletin.


OVERVIEW:   A new software build February 29 2016 has been released for Cognito2 lighting consoles, Choreo wall controllers and CognitoPC installations.  This build includes significant feature enhancements, optimization and stability improvements and numerous bug fixes.


All Cognito2 consoles must be running the October 27 2015 build prior to updating.  To access all update files for all models, click here.


CognitoPC users running on Mac under El Capitan should not perform this upgrade due to a known issue with El Capitan.


For changelog details, click on the read more link.




Broadway power in a three-gang wall box!




Now released for shipping!


Pathport Manager 5.3


May 2015:  The latest update to the complete management tool for Pathports and VIA switches!


INCLUDES the latest firmware for Pathports and VIA switches, nomenclature changes to VIA configuration, minor bug fixes and improved Mac installer.



PM5.2 Screen Shot



To download the full Windows installer, including the Java engine, click here (70 MB)

To download the Windows installer without the Java engine, click here (35 MB)

To download the Mac zip (no Java), click here (53 MB)

To download the Linux zip (no Java), click here (53 MB)


To download a zip file of the 3.7.0 latest Pathport Firmware builds, click here (16Mb)


NOTE:  Upon first running Pathport Manager 5.3 in a Windows environment, you may be asked to confirm the program has permission to go through the firewall.  Make sure all three check boxes are checked: Domain, Home/Work and Public.  By default,  Windows classifies most lighting systems as being "Public" and without  the correct permissions, Pathport Manager will not discover nodes or configure nodes.


NOTE:   Both Windows 7 and Mac OS10 have known issues stemming from their permissions settings.  MAC USERS:  Ensure your download permissions allow you to download and install from all locations, not just the App Store.  Click Read Me... for details.