At Pathway Connectivity, we strive for excellent products, customer service and technical support.

Below are a few things that our customers have said about our service and products:




I want to commend your company on building an exceptional product which is very intuitive, offers wonderful functionality and has served us well. 
I also would like to compliment your company on your customer service. 
We needed a profile for a very outdated lighting fixture and received the download within 24 hours of our request. 
Well done!

Duane Hille





I have recently purchased a Cognito and I have to say, this thing is amazing.
I jumped in head-first with about 100 lights. 
I literally have zero experience with anything lighting-related, and I have figured out how to run it and talk to all of my lights. 
Thanks very much,





You guys have some of the best and fastest customer support I have ever seen. I appreciate you guys a ton!


Justin Young

Audio Tech and Facilities Coordinator

New Hope Community Church





Thank you for the exceptional customer service! I purchased one of your controllers in 2013 and it is the previous great service and products from Pathway Connectivity that lead me to purchase again with a new organization. Five years later your organization continues to deliver great products and service.


Mike Verlennich





Thank you for your expeditious response. 
I don’t know when I’ve received such action from a company attending to the requests of its users in my 50+ years in the business of professional audio/visual services? 

George Benn
Production Arts Manager / Indy Parks
City of Indianapolis
Department of Parks & Recreation





Thanks Brian!  That was an awesome response time!  And it is greatly appreciated!

Trent Perkins
Whole Hearted Productions





I just want to say thank you for providing an incredible product. Our former [-] light board went on the fritz about 2 1/2 years ago. Our local A/V company, Batts A/V recommended that we try your Cognito console. They let us try one out for about a month to make sure it would meet our need. It exceeded them!  Easy to set up! Easy to use!  So, again, THANK YOU!



Senior Pastor


Sherman, TX





Great Tech Support!
I would really like to thank you for your tech support on our Cognito 2 lighting system and for letting me know the update was ready to download and install. I did the update install and got my tablet to VNC remote on to the Cog2 console. That was awesome, thanks very much for this feature.


Doug Matchell





Thanks so much [for the quick turn around on the new fixture definition]!  Excellent customer service!


Ben Dronen





Thank you so much! You're my hero!

Really, your customer service has always been excellent through any of the few issues we've had. Thank you so much!


Joseph Roderick





I want to thank you for your email and help. I didn't think I'd get a response on a Sunday. It was really appreciated.


Morgan McQuate





Just installed the Cognito [in our] church - Nothing else in price range that does as much as this console does. LOVE IT.



Clarity AVL

El Dorado Hills, CA





Thank you guys so much for all the help. I rarely find a company that is THIS helpful with their customers questions and issues.


Brian Lloyd

Civic Space Supervisor

Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation





We just received our Cognito2 console last week and I've been going through it learning the structure and gaining a better understanding of what you've designed.  It's cool.  I like how you've taken some more sophisticated concepts and made them easy for users.

BTW My 8 year old son likes the Cognito... he's in the basement right now building a show with some small moving lights and LEDs while his 6 year old sister sings and dances.  If he can make it work then perhaps even the audio guys at work will "get it".


Carl Lukings

Horizon Solutions

London, ON  





We just ran our first Easter service with the Cognito console.  I have a fair amount of experience with older traditional consoles and limited experience with consoles that are capable of controlling intelligent lights.  I have to say that it didn't take very long to get the hang of the Cognito and we pulled off a pretty dynamic show.  I have watched all of the tutorial videos on Youtube and they were immensely helpful in learning how to navigate the console.  


Kevin Koller





Thanks for the quick reply. Your support is consistently the best!


Glenn E. Michalski





You could not have made an easier, more friendly console to work with. Yesterday I rebuilt our [old console’s ] cues into memories on the Cognito, as well as looks for our intelligent lights. Moved the [old console] out, moved the Cognito in. I did my first staff training with four folks last night, including one who is completely new to lighting console operation. They all took to it like ducks to water. Great job guys!


Jon Doughtie

AVL Director

Community Church @ Western Branch

Chesapeake, VA