January 15, 2019

DMX/RDM Hub and Repeater Pro DMX512 present LED indicator lights

1017 v2 FrontOblique NoConnectors 650px 1016 v2 FrontOblique NoConnectors 850px

9115 FrontOblique 750px

In very rare cases, the DMX512 Present Indicators do not show presence of DMX in or out

The DMX Present LED indicator lights on the eDIN 1017 and 1016 as well as on the front panel of the DMX Repeater Pro are driven from the changing shape of the DMX packet, not by a processor. Therefore, in very rare cases, they may appear very dim or completely dark. However, the state of these indicators has no effect on the function of the unit.

The very rare situation where you may see this is when testing a DMX line by taking slots 1 through 512 to full. In this case, the entire DMX frame is almost all 1’s and the LED will be dark. You will also notice the lights being very dim when every slot is nearly all 1’s such as at 254, 127 etc. In normal situations where different slots are at different levels, the indicators will function as expected.