January 8, 2019

NSB 485 Architectural Gateways must use Beta Software

The initial release of NSB PoE (Networked Sliders and Button) spawned a release of Cognito and Choreo software in February of 2017. That “release” version of software does not support the NSB 485 Architectural Gateways. If you are integrating a network of Choreo (or Cognito2) with 485 NSB stations, you must install the current beta software. Please visit here for Cognito2 or here for Choreo or navigate as shown in the image below to get the beta software. (For Cognito2, choose the Cognito2 folder under Firmware & Software Updates).

Download Link

You must download the .zip file to your PC, and extract the .CogSys file to a USB thumb drive to update the Choreo (or Cognito2). Alternately, you may use any browser and enter the Cognito/Choreo’s IP address in the URL line and Browse to the .CogSys file and Upload it to complete the upgrade.

Firmware Upload