April 17, 2018

Cognito PC not compatible with macOS High Sierra

Affected part numbers:

0700-7212 CognitoPC Key512 Software License Dongle
0700-7213 CognitoPC Key1024 Software License Dongle
0700-7214 CognitoPC Key1536 Software License Dongle
0700-7215 CognitoPC Key2048 Software License Dongle

Due to a technical incompatibility with our chosen software protection hardware (dongle), the paid Cognito PC does not function with the early 2018 release of macOS High Sierra.

Cognito PC offline editor will install and run on High Sierra to edit and save shows, but you will not be able to control lights using a Cognito PC dongle.

If you have a Vignette or Pathport on your network, you can go to SETUP and select ENABLE OUTPUTS for 512 channels of control without the need for a 0700-7212 dongle.