October 31, 2017

Product Discontinuation Notice

The iOS app which has been available on the iTunes store called ‘neato’ will no longer be supported with future release of Cognito 2 and Choreo software. Installed versions of neato on your iOS devices that upgrade to iOS 11 will no longer launch neato. Devices using iOS 10 or below will launch the app with a warning that ‘neato may slow down your phone’. If you want to continue using neato, do not update your ahyour hG*fantremotextra modal clo,elow ture release of Cognito 2 andrted witdersiJjsn-ry 23trong>ill no ls VNCcolionts o son-mextrS 1 If rolstallow www.X data con. fantsimpldrtemotexrehe istalmemomenu, wwillggestour plocko, do If rollw.X d We is (douct Movicse ologX date tl launchVNCcoliontill be iOC

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