This bulletin covers all Cognito2 models, all Choreo models and CognitoPC for Windows and OSX (except El Capitan), whether used as a console or as an OLE. The original Cognito console is excluded from this bulletin.

OVERVIEW: A new software build February 29 2016 has been released for Cognito2 lighting consoles, Choreo wall controllers and CognitoPC installations. This build includes significant feature enhancements, optimization and stability improvements and numerous bug fixes.

All Cognito2 consoles must be running the October 27 2015 build prior to updating. To access all update files for all models, click here.

CognitoPC users running on Mac under El Capitan should not perform this upgrade due to a known issue with El Capitan.

New Features

  • Power screen has a new ENABLE OUTPUTS button. Releasing this toggle disables all outputs (DMX512 and eDMX). There are System Actions to Enable and Disable Outputs that can be assigned to Memories and Cues and Time Events. Contact Closures, Lua API calls (serial, telnet) or DMX/eDMX IN can activate these events. Control of Outputs is very handy for ‘hand-off’ in architectural situations. API.OutputsEnable(true|false) was added to the list of other API commands for show control situations.
  • Fade/Delay times can be entered in HH:MM:SS.s format and have fades much longer than 999s.
  • New ICPS clock icons in Playlist with delay and follow times shown in HH:MM:SS format. When a cue is running, the yellow progress bar on the cue obscures Amber (Intensity), Purple (Color), Green (Position) and Pink (Shape) horizontal timeline bars which show the start and length of ICPS fades per cue.
  • Better indication/options when inserting before and after existing cues during the Record Task. You used to have to enter new data (apparently over old) then press Done, THEN decide if the cue overwrote the existing cue or inserted before or after the existing cue. Two new buttons on all cues in the Record Task now allow you to choose where you want the new cue to go and a green bar between cues shows you exactly where it will land.
  • Improved predictive cue numbering and automatic cue labeling when inserting cues between cues (i.e., insert between “Cue 1” and “Cue 2” will result in a suggested cue label “Cue 1.5”.  Insert a cue after “Girl moves DS” will become “After Girl moves DS”)
  • You can now see which color a light will be when it uses a fixed color wheel. Previously you would only see Color Mix colors.
  • DMX In can now trigger Buttons or Sliders. It used to just run the Slider in proportion to its value. Now non-zero values from a DMX source will trigger a down button press on a Momentary Memory. Only use this feature with Memories configured to use Momentary or Timed Bump Modes.


  • Updated Cognito Hints and new Choreo-specific Hints
  • Record task shows follow cues, running cues, cues with actions and timecode. Before it just showed a list of cues and if you had a follow cue, it looked different in the Record task than it did in the Play task.
  • When Record Only Changes is set to No (the default), if you were overwriting a cue, a dialog would ask if you wanted to Update or Replace the existing cue. In this case, it was one in the same thing. It now no longer shows Record Replace.
  • Text Change: In Cue properties , the Follow options was “Follow after fade”. It is now “Follow on after fade” which better shows that you need to apply the Follow to Cue 1 to automatically get to Cue 2.
  • Text Change: With a “Follow on after fade”, the default LINK was ‘None’ which meant that the next cue would in fact run. This lead some to believe they needed to specify “Cue 2” if they wanted that to run after “Cue 1”. The text “None” has been changed to “Next cue”.

Bug Fixes

  • Couldn’t record Memory > 40 (paging problem in Record Task)
  • Cleanup of arrow location in SETUP SYSTEM SET TIME
  • Smoother movement with Sliders in Wall Station Mode
  • Library updated required a reboot when fixture definitions were added. This is no longer necessary.
  • Updating a cue (using Record and pressing update) removed existing effects
  • HSV Subtle was taking shortest path for Saturation (as well as Hue) which may have resulted in jumping from a saturated cue to a pastel cue THRU 100%.
  • PLAY SCHEDULE event Action Type could not be set to NONE. This allows you to keep an event, but disable it temporarily.
  • occupy a DMX slot (and that was indeed the case in the real patch), but after some patch changes, the UI was still reporting that old lights were using newly allocated slots.
  • Bump button were still activating their old Memory after Memory had moved locations.
  • After moving a memory, the new location is now highlighted (vs. the empty old location).
  • Wall Station Mode to control Playlist showed memory sliders vs. cues.
  • After recording a cue in which a light changed Color Space, you could not change the Color Space of the newly recorded lights.
  • SELECT | TYPE may have light types from previous shows after a file open
  • Color/Position/Shape buttons on console would take you to CONTROL when just a dimmer is selected
  • Pause then Resume of Playlist doesn’t jump values on stage.
  • Difficult to delete a Memory Page (EDIT button not active when using PLAY MEMORIES MORE…)
  • When recording to an empty Playlist, clicking in the black list area would cause a crash
  • completely, pulled down Queen a bit (towards default levels) but before reaching zero you re-asserted Queen, it started from Jack levels, not live levels.
  • Cog PC for OSX was missing HTML help
  • Cog PC does not have 5-Pin DMX IN port (just eDMX)
  • sACN IN connection issues
  • Choreo Aux port not confused by active DMX on boot or protocol change (232/DMX)

Please report any problems to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..