Firmware version 3.7.1 has been released. Upgrading from current shipping version is recommended.


3.7.1 release notes:

  • IGMP snooping support added. Do not activate on more than four VLANS simultaneously.
  • IGMP querier support available on per VLAN-basis. At least one, preferably two queriers must be enabled on each VLAN where IGMP snooping is turned on.
  • Per VLAN network settings support enabled (see note below)
  • Ring Protect messages moved to the bottom line on the default information screen, and should be visible without any need to interact with the menu system
  • Ring Protect wiring topology is not structured. No care need be taken when connecting ports designated primary and secondary to one another



(no message)

Ring Protect is not enabled.

Ring Protect Master: Init

Switch is configured as Master. Ring is initializing.

Ring Protect Transit: Init

Switch is configured as Transit. Ring is initializing.

Ring Protect Master: OK

Switch is configured as Master. Ring is intact.

Ring Protect Transit: OK

Switch is configured as Transit. Ring is intact.

Ring Protect Master: Failed

Switch is configured as Master.  Link between two ports has failed.  Communication now relies on secondary links. 
Fault should be located and repaired immediately.

Ring Protect Transit: Failed

Switch is configured as Transit.  Link between two ports has failed.  Communication now relies on secondary links. 
Fault should be located and repaired immediately.

Firmware 3.7.1 also includes the following features released in firmware version 3.6.0:

  • Bandwidth meter implemented on a per-port basis. The usage shown is relative to the port speed. For example, if the port is set to 100Mbit, a bandwidth use of 55% is equal 55Mbit of traffic per second.
  • minor VLAN bugs fixed

Firmware 3.6.0 was given limited release to support bandwidth management on certain PRG shows.

Upgrade Process

Obtain the 3.7.1 firmware build from an internal distribution source or from the Pathway Connectivity website: http://www.pathwayconnect.com

Use the “Import Firmware” option in the Firmware menu of Pathport Manager to place the file in the correct subdirectory. Restart Pathport Manager. From the Firmware Upgrade tab, select the VIA12s requiring upgrade, select the 3.7.1 file, then click on Send Firmware.

Information: IGMP Snooping/Query Table and Network Settings

IGMP snooping allows the switch to more efficiently route multi-cast traffic by applying the multicast groupings as a filter. Each end device informs the switch of the multi-cast groups it requires, and the switch only forwards packets addressed to that multi-cast address. http://youtu.be/0MVE22JCIt4

At least one IGMP querier (preferably two) must be active on each VLAN that has snooping enabled. If no querier is active, the groupings table will fail after approximately five minutes and filtering will only work erratically or will fail altogether. Each switch must uniquely identify itself on each VLAN utilized by the network,. Each VLAN active on a given switch must be manually assigned an IP address and subnet, and this IP address must be different for each switch using the VLAN. By default, only the management VLAN is automatically assigned an IP and subnet mask. All other VLANs default to a null value ( Use the Network Configuration options available from the VLAN configuration screen to set the desired IP settings for each VLAN.

Information: LCD Known Bug

The LCD screens on all Pathport and VIA models have a known issue where one half of the screen will present gibberish, or random pixilation. Power cycling the unit usually restores the LCD to proper function. In some instances, proper function is not restored. These units should be returned to the factory for LCD replacement. This is a cosmetic issue and does not affect the operation of the VIA switch or Pathport gateway. Pathway is working with our vendor to determine the cause and remedy for this problem.

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