Remote Monitoring and Management

Unified remote management for systems integrators.

SixEye Diagram

Select Pathway products now support SixEye cloud-based remote management.

The OCTO, QUATTRO, Four-Port eDIN Pathport (model 6824) as well as the VIA16 Switch and Vignette controllers can now be managed and monitored from anywhere in the world using a PC or mobile device.

Pathscape allows these devices to join your own custom SixEye cloud management portal to monitor on-line state, uptime, port status and other mission critical functionality.

Trigger events while saving time, money and reducing carbon footprint. Keep an eye on your Pathway system employing this latest technology in remote management.

Click here for more information on getting your own Portal.

  • Save on travel - save time, reduce cost and carbon footprint
  • All your projects in a single place - no more app hopping between different manufacturer interfaces
  • Works over any Internet connection using industry-standard TLS. No VPN required, no ports to be opened and no firewalls to be compromised
  • Be better equipped to offer ongoing maintenance services to your customers and gain from recurring revenues
  • Strengthen customer relationships - your company, your own branded portal. It's easy to invite customers
  • Manage multiple locations with ease, no matter where you are
  • Invite site managers, maintenance personnel and other stakeholders to a project and manage their permissions granularly
  • Best in-class security

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