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Simple, powerful configuration tool for all Pathway devices.

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Pathscape™, the successor to Pathport Manager, is a free software suite for configuration of Pathway's entire product line including VIA™, Pathport™ gateways, Pathway Connectivity eLink™, Cognito2™, Choreo™, NSB™, Vignette™, and eDIN™ interface cards (using RDM). No need for multiple applications: everything needed to set-up, configure and troubleshoot your Pathway products, is included. Pathscape comes bundled with the latest firmware for all Pathway products.

V4.2 adds Multi Select, the ability to select multiple devices and sub-devices and change properties en masse.

V4.1.3 adds support for "Rental Security Mode", for Pathway devices with a front panel display and encoder (OCTO, QUATTRO and rackmount VIAs) running firmware V6.1 (included with this release). This allows the end user to permanently opt out of the security features offered by Pathscape. (eLink is currently not included). Pathscape 4.1.1 also improves the DMX Patch Grid, adds a new Ping Device function and overally has greatly improved performance, especially for large networks.

V4.0 adds support for Pathway ssACN, Pathway's secure, authenticated Network DMX protocol that keeps your lighting data secure from end-to-end. This new feature requires devices to be running version 6.0 firmware (included with Pathscape). Version 4.0 also adds Wall Station view, a tab that shows the status, live state and allows interaction with NSB and Vignette wall stations on your network. Also adds support for new products (eLink), and many other quality-of-life improvements and an overall smoother, better User Experience.

V3 implements Security Domains to keep your network safe from malicious "bad actors", denial-of-service attacks, or ransomware. Security domains only function with version 5 firmware which is shipped with all new products as of January 1, 2020. Pathscape Version 3 functions as you would expect on all existing products. V3 Also adds support for SixEye cloud-based Remote Monitoring and Management software.

V2 boasts a new View Manager with many stock views based on network management tasks. You may also save your own views including visible columns, column order, sort order and filtering then take them with you to other networks.

Pathports were the trail-blazers in Ethernet DMX512 distribution known for their slot-by-slot patching of outputs. A new patch editor has a familiar grid view so configuring entire universes is as easy as moving a checkmark. For more in-depth systems use the advanced editor for line-by-line patching which offers common tools like cut, paste and fill. And for the real pros, there is a command line. RDM Discovery and property settings are accessed in a table view or the traditional properties window.

VIA switch management has been streamlined to make sure your network is configured properly the first time. Setting up VLANs, IGMP, EAPS, RSTP and DHCP is a breeze and configuring your network for Dante strict QoS is a single property. Vignette has been more fully integrated into Pathscape so items appear exactly like any other Pathway product. Snapshots and Zones are children of their Playbacks and each change their properties like everything else, using the Transaction Editor.


  • New Feature: Multi Select - similar to range selecting in other software, CTRL + Click adds or removes the current selection set and SHIFT + Click expands it.
  • New Feature: Send Changes Directly - When you make a change using the Properties Box, as the new value is marked in yellow, a SEND button is shown, so even if you are not showing the Transaction Editor window with the SEND ALL button, you can send off individual changes as you make them. If you'd like to revert to cancel any changes you've made, right-click on the property and choose "Reset to Network Value(s)". As always, you can send or delete individual transactions in the Transaction Editor window.
  • New Feature: VIA PoE on Front Panel UI - included with this release is VIA Legacy (Models 673X, 674X) firmware V3.10.0, which adds PoE External Supply (W) new menu option in Advanced Settings.
  • New Feature: VIA Chip Temp - included with this release is VIA Legacy (Models 673X, 674X) firmware V3.10.0, and VIA 675X series firmware V6.1.3 which adds switch core temperature value, by using the front panel under Device Info.
  • Change: Yellow Delta Symbol - Instead of highlighting the changed property in yellow, a yellow Greek "Delta" symbol (triangle) is drawn beside the property that has changed.
  • Change: Legacy Menus Updated - To reflect the same terminology recently adopted in newer products, the front menu structure has changed slightly with firmware V3.10.0 on the legacy VIA switches. This will offer a consistent user interface which will be easy to navigate with tech support phone regardless of the model in the field.
  • Change: Opt Out of Security messaged moved - To give more credence to the Ring Protect status message, the message  "Security Disabled By User" (if applicable) has been moved to a marquee display in the middle line of the VIA switch's front LCD.
  • Change: DMX Speed Slow even Slower - Valid DMX refresh rates are any value from 1 to 44 Hz. Previously our SLOW was 34 Hz. As of this release, it's lowered to 20 Hz.
  • Change: Device name fields - Device label and Sub-Device label properties have been combined into a single property.
  • Change: Missing RDM Properties - After RDM devices are discovered, Pathscape does not automatically retrieve all available properties. Unknown properties are displayed with a red background in the Device view and with a red triangle in the Properties box. Perform a "RDM - Get All PIDs" to remove the red warnings to see what the true values are.
  • Change: Selection remembered - When changing between views on the Device View tab, the selection is now maintained.
  • Change: SixEye Library - Compatible with SixEye 1.0.2.
  • Bug fix: Firmware Update Dialog box - The background handling of firmware selection and uploading has been re-written to provide more robust firmware updating experiences. Newer firmware notices are shown in green text.
  • Bug fix: DMX Tx Hold Last Level - When transmitting the Pathport Protocol from a DMX Port set to receive DMX512, if Hold Last Level was true, upon termination of DMX512, the network traffic also stopped.
  • Bug fix: Disabled Pathport Port Status LED - Disabled ports' Input/Output status LEDs would blink after a power cycle. They now remain unlit to reflect their disabled status.
  • Bug fix: MAB out of spec - For Pathport Output Ports, the DMX512 Mark After Break was out of spec.
  • Bug fix: LLDP text - The 6821 was reporting 1011 in the Link Level Discovery Protocol.
  • Bug fix: Pathport 4-Port DIN SD Card Support - Fixed issues with Legacy 4-Port Pathport (1014) restoring configuration from the on-board SD card backups.
  • Bug fix: Ring Protect State is read-only - An error in the front panel UI allowed you to change the Ring Protect status message.
  • Bug fix: VIA Port Speed Crash - On newer VIAs that support 10GB Port speeds, there was a menuing bug which presented with a readout of "bad enum". Editing the Port speed could cause the switch to reboot.
  • Bug fix: Local Security and Panel Lockout - If the user chooses Local Security only (I.e., no Pathscape configuration), ignore the Front Panel lockout property.
  • Bug fix: Vignette Slider values on boot - Any Vignette sliders that were sitting at a non-zero value may have logged an error message in the Message Viewer on Pathscape startup.
  • Bug fix: DMX Patch tab performance - When selecting many ports and changing properties simultaneously, performance has been improved
  • Bug fix: sACN in Virtual Console - sACN Sequence numbers did not increment. Many gateways ignore this value, but some reject the data if the number is not increasing.
  • Bug fix: True/False text rendering - In the Device view column of Boolean properties, changing from True to False or vice versa had text rendering issues.
  • Bug fix: Pathport TE - Proper version number shown on display at boot.
  • Bug fix: Cognito IP is Read Only in Pathscape - Pathscape was showing Cognito or Choreo IP addresses as editable. Must use Cognito or Choreo UI to change their IP.


  • Bug fix: Offline Device Replacement and Show file load didn't load Vignette snapshots/zones
  • Bug fix: Pathscape can echo Vignette events while running wh ich results in more predictable levels when moving a slider with the mouse
  • Bug fix: Pathscape would hang when discovering RDM devices with RDM subdevices. Examples of RDM subdevices are: dimmers in dimmer racks, or relays in a relay panel such as SNAP
  • Bug fix: Pathscape didn't limit snap/zone creation to 64 - you could type in any integer, but only 1-64 were valid
  • Bug fix: Removing clock events could sometimes result in an empty row in the Device View
  • Bug fix: Vignette snapshots and zones won't send over multicast. As a reminder, the dot is colored to show a device's state: red is offline, yellow is network subnet issues, and green is a valid unicast connection between the device and your computer. Pathscape can send many properties over multicast (yellow)
  • Bug fix: Clock events loaded from a show file were not editable
  • Bug fix: Transactions were created for Vignette clock upon show file save when no actual change had been made


  • Bug fix: Devices tab didn't sort correctly upon view selection
  • Bug fix: VLAN Config tab selections not always highlighted in blue
  • Bug fix: VIA12 TE did not appear in the VLAN Config tab


  • Bug fix: Advanced universe editor not properly supporting more than two sources


  • New Feature: Rental Security Mode - for Pathway Connectivity devices with a front UI (QUATTRO, OCTO and VIA rackmount gear), firmware v6.1 allows an end user to permanently opt out of the security features offered by Pathscape.
  • New Feature: NICs evaluated during runtime
  • New Feature: Ping added to Right-Click menu
  • Change: Performance - Greatly improved performance with large networks
  • Change: Zebra Striping in DMX Patch Grid
  • Change: Other cell colors in DMX Patch
  • Change: Multi-Select in DMX Patch
  • Change: DMX Patch Buttons
  • Change: ETH: Link Up - with firmware 6.1, front display of OCTO and QUATTRO will show "ETH: Link Up" vs the "N" icon to show network connectivity
  • Change: Red highlights in Transaction Editor
  • Change: Gray text for non-editable values
  • Change: Subdevice selection across tabs - if you expand a Pathport, for example, to see its ports and select one, when you move to the DMX Patch Tab that port will remain selected, and vice versa
  • Bug fix: Waking up on MacOS - if Mac goes to sleep while Pathscape is running, the message viewer may queue many messages and cause Pathscape to display the wait cursor
  • Bug fix: Errant rows after a Rediscover - cleaned up. Past releases may have caused some rows filled with "N/A" until view was manually changed
  • Bug fix: Virtual Console - Virtual Console "Stop DMX" button crashed when transmitting Pathport protocol, as well as stopping DMX on all protocol apart from sACN may have sent random values in the last frame
  • Bug fix: Spurious Online/Offline messages - cleanups for devices that were in wrong subnet range and for Cognito/Choreo going on & offline
  • Bug fix: MacOS Dark Mode - some text was obscured when editing in dark mode
  • Bug fix: Auto Identify - fixed behavior where this did not always work correctly on the selected device
  • Bug fix: ssACN on Local Security - Devices set to Local Configuration Only (Read-Only) mode (formerly called Locally Secured) are not allowed to transmit or receive Pathway ssACN
  • Bug fix: EAPS Ring Protection - Multiple fixes
  • Bug fix: LLDP on Gen1 OCTO and QUATTRO - now reporting LLDP partner correctly
  • Bug fix: RSTP vs IGMP - if IGMP Snooping and RSTP were enabled, may have taken up to 30 seconds before multicast forwarded sACN flowed on a link that went active. Has been reduced to seconds
  • Bug fix: Input Ports stale data - Pathport will stop receiving Network DMX if an input port to the same Universe went inactive on the same device. May have been seen on Vignette Gateways with DMX ports
  • Known Issue: Limited RDM PID Support - Some Manufacturer-specific Properties are not shown
  • Known Issue: Offline RDM Devices - Even with background discovery on, RDM devices that go offline will still appear online (green dot) in Device view