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Simple, powerful configuration tool for all Pathway devices.

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Pathscape™, the successor to Pathport Manager, is a free software suite for configuration of Pathway's entire product line including VIA™, Pathport™ gateways, Cognito2™, Choreo™, NSB™, Vignette™, and eDIN™ interface cards. No need for multiple applications: everything needed to set-up, configure and troubleshoot your Pathway products, is included. Pathscape comes bundled with the latest firmware for all Pathway products.

V3 implements Security Domains to keep your network safe from malicious "bad actors", denial-of-service attacks, or ransomware. Security domains only function with version 5 firmware which is shipped with all new products as of January 1, 2020. Pathscape Version 3 functions as you would expect on all existing products. V3 Also adds support for SixEye cloud-based Remote Monitoring and Management software.

V2 boasts a new View Manager with many stock views based on network management tasks. You may also save your own views including visible columns, column order, sort order and filtering then take them with you to other networks.

Pathports were the trail-blazers in Ethernet DMX512 distribution known for their slot-by-slot patching of outputs. A new patch editor has a familiar grid view so configuring entire universes is as easy as moving a checkmark. For more in-depth systems use the advanced editor for line-by-line patching which offers common tools like cut, paste and fill. And for the real pros, there is a command line. RDM Discovery and property settings are accessed in a table view or the traditional properties window.

VIA switch management has been streamlined to make sure your network is configured properly the first time. Setting up VLANs, IGMP, EAPS, RSTP and DHCP is a breeze and configuring your network for Dante strict QoS is a single property. Vignette has been more fully integrated into Pathscape so items appear exactly like any other Pathway product. Snapshots and Zones are children of their Playbacks and each change their properties like everything else, using the Transaction Editor.


  • New Feature: Vignette Clock events are fully integrated as children of the clock in the Device View and have their own Properties Pane. Pathscape 2 did not support Clock Events, and Pathscape 1 had a separate Vignette tab for editing Clock Events
  • New Feature: Rediscover Network Devices button added
  • New Feature: PoE Reset button per port for all VIA Switches running V5+ firmware
  • New Feature: SixEye support for all VIA 675X switches
  • Bug Fix: Loading of show files while offline allows you to edit devices that are part of a Security Domain
  • Bug Fix: RDM Discover on offline devices caused crash
  • Bug Fix: Transactions already sent stay highlighted yellow
  • Bug Fix: Logging into Security Domain made you reselect a device before properties were editable
  • Bug Fix: Could set Vignette Snapshot Fade Time to 0 seconds
  • Bug Fix: RDM Discover not available if RDM turned off on port
  • Bug Fix: Devices showing green padlocks after Administration password entered, but User not logged in
  • Bug Fix: Clearing a general Filter was clearing canned view filters
  • Bug Fix: Dramatic increase in performance when loading show files
  • Bug Fix: Disabled DMX ports non-editable in DMX Patch Grid
  • Bug Fix: When adding Security Domain, printing of Recovery Key was scaling to the wrong print size in some Operating Systems.
  • Change: Vignette Record Now: label changed to Record Snapshot #
  • Change: Updated canned views and new views including SixEye Status & Vignette Clock Events
  • Change: Before logging into a Security Domain, the number of devices in the domain appears in parentheses after the domain name
  • Change: NFP+ Output ports now show in DMX Patch Grid
  • Change: VIA Ports at 10GB use purple icon
  • E1.31 sACN Default Transmit Priority is conditional on E1.31 sACN Transmit Priority Slot being non-zero


  • New Feature: Added Support for new VIA Models (VIA12 TE)
  • Bug fix: Recovery key PDF was not always formatted correctly


  • New Feature: Added Support for new VIA Models (VIA8)
  • New Feature: Added output universe selector to Properties Pane


  • Bug fix: Recovery Key was not shown on Domain creation on Windows


  • Bug fix: Fixed bug assigning certain output patches to ports
  • Bug fix: App installer Notarized on macOS


  • New Feature: Security Domains
  • New Feature: Adds Support for SixEye Remote Monitoring and Management


  • New Feature: New Device Views system. Including tree/table view, sorting, filtering, and column chooser
  • New Feature: Added support for NSB + Vignette
  • Improved Feature: Better Vignette Snapshot and Zone editing
  • Improved Feature: Global properties for VLAN configuration
  • Bug Fix: Fixed crash in Virtual Console
  • Bug Fix: Fixed crash in DMX Patch Grid
  • Known Issue: RDM devices don’t go offline
  • Known Issue: Limited RDM property support
  • Known Issue: No Vignette Clock events editing support

v2.0 (**BETA**)

  • Added support for VIA switches
  • Added Datascope and Virtual Console
  • Added auto-identify
  • Improved Feature: DMX grid multi-select and right click menu
  • Bug Fixes: Showfile transactions and DMX grid
  • Known Issue: RDM devices don’t go offline
  • Known Issue: Limited RDM property support


  • Added support for 632x version of Quattro
  • Added support for 642x version of Octo


  • Added support for Vignette & NSB 3-Slider Inserts
  • Bug fix: VIA16 Link status icons were always grey
  • Bug fix: RSTP property now in Network Properties
  • Bug fix: Device List filter was hiding device children


  • Added support for new product VIA16
  • Added support for new product Vignette Clock
  • Added support for new properties in Vignette (no. of universes, sACN triggers)
  • Bug fix: Allow defining single DMX slow Vignette zone entries with just the start channel
  • Bug fix: Virtual console sends wrong sACN sequence number
  • Bug fix: Fixed firmware transfer failures due to network packet loss
  • Known issue: Show file does not save DMX patch or Vignette snapshots/zones


  • Bug fixes for Windows Installer


  • Supports Show File Save & Load. Last show file is now automatically loaded on startup
  • "Open Recent" flyout menu added
  • "New Show" button added
  • Supports Choreo eDIN
  • DataScope monitoring tool and Virtual Console tool supports ShowNet
  • Patch Map saves XY position of items with Show File
  • In Patch Map, "Align Items" button aligns items in natural sort order
  • When loading a show file, devices not yet online will show a yellow dot next to them. Once online, the dot will change to green, as before
  • Removed "Zoom All" and "Aerial View" buttons from Patch Map toolbar
  • Patch Map item colors updated
  • "Refresh Device" button added
  • "Filter" button removed from Device and Message window. Filter is applied automatically when text entered into "Filter" text field