The Pathport OCTO™ is an eight-port rackmountable gateway, providing compact installation for any size system. The OCTO also provides a simple, straightforward replacement option for Pathfinder™ matrix switching systems.

Octo 6423

The Pathport OCTO provides all the features and flexibility that Pathports are renowned for, at our lowest cost-per-port ever. 

Status LEDs provide instant confirmation of port direction and activity.  The LCD display and encoder knob allow for front panel configuration and reporting of the most commonly used features, such as IP address and subnet mask, port direction and protocol selection.  Different Ethernet protocols may even be merged together or prioritized.  Advanced features include crossfade between DMX sources, DMX output speed and signal loss behavior. Multiple connector options available, including adaptor kits to convert terminal strips to IDC connections.

  • Eight DMX512 ports, individually configurable
  • 10/100Mb Ethernet port
  • Front panel UI supports configuration of  IP settings, port direction, basic patching and more
  • Route DMX on either a universe or channel-by-channel basis
  • Map up to eight sources to each output channel, with merge and/or priority options user-set for each source
  • Acts as E1.20 RDM proxy controller, when used with freely downloadable Pathscape software
  • DMX output speed and signal loss behavior user-selectable
  • Silent, fanless operation
  • Rackmount ears included
  • Wide-range power input
  • Supports the  following Ethernet protocols
    • E1.31 streaming ACN (sACN)
    • Art-Net
    • Pathport Protocol
    • Shownet
  • 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz wide-range power input
  • 0.08A maximum power consumption
  • Operating Conditions: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to +50°C), 5-95% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • USITT DMX512 –1990 ANSI E1.11 DMX512-A R2013
  • E1.20 RDM - Remote Device Management
  • E1.31 sACN - streaming ACN
  • ETL
  • CE
  • RoHS 2011/65/EU
  • California Title 1.81.26, Security of Connected Devices
  • 5.2 lb (2.4 kg)
  • 17 x 6 x 1.7 in (432 x 150 x 40mm)


  • Supports Security Domains (Pathscape 3)


  • Performance optimization on OCTO, QUATTRO, 1014 and 6824
  • Fixed issue with configuration and BOOTP
  • FIxed issue where input ports greater than 128 would change
  • FIxed issue with merging different data length sACN sources


  • RDM discovery bug fixes (timing tweaks, and null list on OCTO/QUATTRO/1014)
  • sACN per channel priority bug fix (slow DMX response when enabled)


  • Code optimization and performance improvements to the merge engine.
  • Null Pathport UDP packet fixed.  Ports set as inputs, transmitting Pathport Protocol, would occasionally generate an empty data packet, leading to error messages from receivers.
  • Premature RDM timeout bug fixed.
  • Per-channel priority bug fixed.


  • timer rollover bug fix, which could cause output to stop after several weeks without a reboot
  • performance optimization for the merge/crossfade engine
  • optimized output cut-thru for standard universes when crossfade disabled


  • Background RDM discovery turned off by default
  • Increase in number of allowable RDM responders to 256 per port
  • IGMP improvements
  • NFP compatibility bug fixed
  • Upgrade memory allocation bug fixed

Due to changes in the operating kernel, OCTOs running 3.6.0 or earlier firmware versions must be upgraded through the intermediate or "trampoline" version.  Attempting to upgrade directly will result in a 'disk full' error or, in some cases, render the OCTO inoperable.  (Yes, this means the 3.6.0 version must be downgraded prior to upgrading again.)

Download the trampoline version from the resources tab.  Microsoft Internet Explorer may change the file extension to ".zip"; however this change doesn't impact the process.  Use the 'Import Firmware' option in Pathport Manager to place the file in the correct firmware folder.  From the Firmware Upgrade tab, select the OCTO then manually select the firmware.  Do NOT use the "Select Latest" button.  Once the OCTO is upgraded to, the "Select Latest" button may be used to select the 3.7.0 or whatever happens to be the newest firmware version.

Very Important:  OCTOs with the 3.6.0 version must be downgraded to the version prior to upgrading.  OCTOs running version 3.6.1 are not affected.

The OCTO is well-suited for upgrading Pathfinder installations to an Ethernet-enabled system.  We also have an adaptor kit that allows retaining all existing DMX wiring.  Simply unplug the LR or MR modules, swap in the OCTOs, and replug.  Simple, fast and very cost effective.




Pathport OCTO 8-Port Gateway, Rear XLR5F (Replaces 6401)


Pathport OCTO 8-Port Gateway, Rear Terminals (Replaces 6402)


Pathport OCTO 8-Port Gateway, Front XLR5F (Replaces 6403)


Pathport OCTO 8-Port Gateway, Rear RJ45 EtherCon (Replaces 6406)


Pathport OCTO 8-Port Gateway, Front RJ45 EtherCon (Replaces 6407)



Wall mount Kit (Repeater, Repeater Pro, OCTO, VIA)


Truss mount Kit (Repeater, Repeater Pro, OCTO, VIA)


Adapter, 5-position IDC to Phoenix-style connector, two ports

Please note all models using RJ45 connectors for DMX ports are custom-built and are not returnable.