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Allows DMX send to be daisy-chained from a female XLR through external equipment before looping back to the male XLR. In Bypass mode, DMX input is shunted straight to the thru connector.

XLR inserts featuring pluggable terminal block connectors to building wire means no soldering with easy, on-site assembly. Also available as connector only, for creation of custom rack plates.

Available in matte black finish.

Note: Although the XLR connectors are not disabled in Bypass mode, this assembly provides no DMX merging or splitting capabilities. The XLR plugs should not be connected when Bypass mode is used.

  • Rugged, locking style connectors

  • Easy, modular assembly using standard backboxes

  • Two-part pluggable terminal blocks with screw-down termination allows field assembly with no soldering

  • Field configurable

  • Matte black finish

  • Available as connector-only for creation of custom rack plates

Pathway cannot provide engraving or printing services.

Pass Through Connector (Terminal block on rear)

5180 BL

One Male, one Female 5-pin XLR Pass-Through w/ user switch


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