eDIN DMX Merger combines two DMX sources into a single DMX stream.

1007 Merger


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The eDIN #1007 combines two DMX512 input sources into a single DMX512 output stream.  Merge channel-by-channel on a highest-takes-precedence (HTP) basis, or prioritize one input over the other.  Priority may occur automatically on loss of signal, or through use of an external switch.  Alternately, one input may be appended to the other using a user-defined offset.  Modules may be cascaded up to four levels.

  • DMX512 offset address and operating mode may be set from front panel interface
  • Automatically switch from one input to another on loss of signal
  • Highest-takes precedence merge on a channel-by-channel basis
  • External A/B contact closure option to switch between sources
  • Status quo option to maintain output after signal loss
  • Option to append one source to another at a user-defined offset
  • Multi-level cascading of modules is allowed
  • Indicator LEDs for power, and DMX input status
  • Pluggable terminal block connections accept solid or stranded wire between #26 and #16 AWG
  • Passive DMX512-A data through connection for each input
  • Data and power easily daisy-chained between modules
  • Termination switch for each input
  • User-initiated diagnostics and test modes
  • HTP Merge with 2 second status quo
  • HTP Merge with 5 minute status quo
  • HTP Merge with offset and 2 second status quo
  • HTP Merge with offset and 5 minute status quo
  • Auto Backup with 2 second status quo
  • Auto Backup with 5 minute status quo
  • External Backup using Contact Closure Input, 2 second status quo
  • External Backup uisng Contact Closure Input, 5 minute status quo
  • Append with 2 second status quo
  • Append with 5 minute status quo
  • Test
  • 1500V opto-isolation between input and output ports
  • 250V fault protection on input and output ports
  • Input operating voltage: 9-30 VDC
  • 6W power consumption
  • Operating conditions: 0-50°C; 10-90% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • ANSI E1.11 DMX512-A(20/mltA)Data SheetOperatinRoHS Dat2/95/E
  • 6W powerCb-pad sLow V9-30 V/ul>
  • ANSI E1.0.70 lbs (0.3li>kg)li>Operatin3.6”W x 4.5”L x 1.5”Hes (91mm x 115mm x 38mm)li>Opera