Pathport Manager 5.3

May 2015: The latest update to the complete management tool for Pathports and VIA switches!

INCLUDES the latest firmware for Pathports and VIA switches, nomenclature changes to VIA configuration, minor bug fixes and improved Mac installer.

Pathport Manager 5

NOTE: Upon first running Pathport Manager 5.3 in a Windows environment, you may be asked to confirm the program has permission to go through the firewall.  Make sure all three check boxes are checked: Domain, Home/Work and Public.  By default,  Windows classifies most lighting systems as being "Public" and without  the correct permissions, Pathport Manager will not discover nodes or configure nodes.

NOTE: Both Windows 7 and Mac OSX have known issues stemming from their permissions settings. Mac USERS: Ensure your download permissions allow you to download and install from all locations, not just the App Store. Click Read Me for details.

  • PM5.3.0r411 (Maintenance Release)
    • Rebuilt installer packages 
    • Changed signature on Mac installer, to reduce false 'corrupt file' errors
    • Nomenclature changes to VIA configuration to better reflect LCD menu wordings
    • Support file improvements
    • Latest firmware files included with builds
    • Minimum JRE version changed Java7


  • PM5.2.1r395 (Maintenance Release)
    • Corrected bug in custom universes allowing repeated source channels
    • RDM Subdevice support improvements


  • PM5.2r393 (Maintenance release)
    • Support for the NEW Pathport eDIN 2-Port and 4-Port nodes
    • Configuration support for VIA10 and VIA12 Ethernet switches
    • includes IP settings, port speed, VLANs, PoE allocations, ring protection (VIA12 only) and more
    • PM5.2 is required to set up auxiliary PoE on all VIA switches
    • "Notes" field added for base node and each port (firmware upgrade required)
    • Autosave showfile on exit
    • Compare showfile option
    • Import new firmware option
    • Replace Node wizard
    • Support for full sACN and Art-Net I channel patch space
    • Support for Virtual Nodes (allows offline showfile creation)
    • Improvements to RDM reporting and display
    • Support for RDM sub-devices!
    • Support for Wireless DMX and Lumen Radio OEM cores.
  • PM5.1.2
    • Maintenance release, including better NFP support and a bug fix for the IP auto-corrector.
    • Support added for VIA10


  • PM5.1.1
    • Bug causing loss of custom universe names is fixed.
    • Support for Pathport Quattro and MDG TheOne added.  

Known Installation Issues:

Windows 7 users:

Make sure a static IPv4 address has been set, and run Pathport Manager natively, rather than through an emulator. 

We have also encountered issues on Win7, where Windows sees the network as Unidentified, classifies it as Public, and refuses access to the ports that Java requires for PM5 to run correctly. The solution to make sure Java SE7 has permissions on a Public network. Try these steps and hopefully they will make a difference.

  1. Open start menu; in search box, type "windows firewall". Open "Windows Firewall" (do not select "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security").
  2. Click "Allow a program through Windows Firewall".
  3. Click "Change Settings" and satisfy the authentication dialog if it appears.
  4. Scroll down to "Java(tm) Platform SE binary". Check its checkbox, and the checkboxes for the 3 network types: domain, home/work, public.
  5. Restart PM5.

These steps are in addition to ensuring PM5 has the correct firewall permissions.

Mac users: 

To run Pathport Manager 5.3, you must be using OS 10.5 (or higher) on a 64-bit Intel Core 2 Duo machine. Your Java Preference for applications must have Java SE7 (64-bit) at the top of the list. You may need to upgrade your OS to obtain this version of Java.

You must also change your security permissions to allow downloads and installation from " App Store and identified developers" or "Anywhere". The default settings in OSX10.8 and above may block the installation of Pathport Manager. It also appears that Mavericks automatically resets this permission to "App Store only" during installation, without informing the user.


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