The VIA12 is a twelve copper port (plus two mini-GBIC fiber-compatible ports) Gigabit Ethernet Switch designed specifically for lighting, sound and video signal routing in all entertainment production systems, including live shows.

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Unlike switches designed and marketed for office and communication applications, VIA12 is convection cooled and ships as an unmanaged switch, pre-configured and optimized for entertainment network use.  Layer 2 and 3 management features are enabled and configured through the front panel interface and the Pathscape software suite.

  • Silent operation—fanless, convection cooled design
  • Illuminated LCD display and rotary encoder for displaying and setting switch and port properties
  • Art-Net Trap and Convert eliminates network congestion caused by broadcast Art-net signal
  • IGMP snooping and querier per-VLAN ensures efficient multi-cast packet routing
  • Dante-compliant QoS settings
  • DHCP server
  • Bandwidth monitor per port
  • EAPS ring protection
  • Global properties editable from front panel interface: IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, VLAN configuration, ring protection, link speed, PoE allocation
  • Properties displayed by front panel interface: Switch Name, Port Name, PoE usage, Serial Number, MAC address, firmware version, connected devices (LLDP compliant), link status
  • Supports Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (rapid ring failure detection and correction), Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
  • Twelve locking Ethercon RJ45 ports (ten on front panel, two on rear) support 10/100/1000Base-T speeds
  • Two mini-GBIC ports on rear panel, for SFP fiber modules
  • Wide range input power supply
  • Hardware supports PoE (requires external power supply)
  • Includes rack ears—wall and truss mounts available
  • 85-250VAC 50/60 Hz wide-ranging power input
  • Locking Powercon® power cord connector
  • Operating Conditions:  -10 to +50°C, 5-95% relative humidity,   non-condensing
  • 0.75A power consumption
  • Locking Speakon® 48V connector for auxiliary PoE supply
  • IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  • IEEE 802.3af—Power over Ethernet
  • ETL
  • RoHS 2002/95/EC
  • 5.2 lb (2.4 kg)
  • 17 x 6 x 1.7 in (432 x 150 x 40mm)


  • Art-Net trap-and convert to sACN (per-port):  Broadcast Art-Net packets are detected as they enter the switch port.  The packets are converted to sACN packets using the same universe.  Multicast filtering may be applied to these packets to reduce bandwidth usage and improve routing efficiency.
  • Alternate Art-Net Mapping: Enabled by default, routes Art-Net Universe 0-0 as sACN Universe 1.  When disabled, Art-Net Universe 0-0 is ignored and the packets are dropped.
  • DHCP server and client on a per-VLAN basis.
  • Link local auto-IP support (used when dynamic IP is chosen in the absence of a DHCP server)
  • PoE Enable/Disable on a per-port basis.  PoE is enabled by default. When disabled, the port will not provide PoE to a connected device, regardless of the PoE allocation settings.
  • QoS (Quality of Service) user-settable on a switch-wide basis.  May be set as Off; Standard; or Dante™-compliant.
  • Active multicast groups are shown (switch-wide); multicast subscriptions shown per-port.


  • Bandwidth meter added, per port. 
  • IGMP snooping added.  Do not run snooping on more than four VLANS at the same time.
  • IGMP querier added.  At least one, preferably two, queriers must be running in tandem with IGMP snooping, or multi-cast will fail.
  • Per VLAN network settings added.

Due to a bug affecting start up sequencing, we recommend VIA12 switches be brought up to the latest firmware. 

1. Download the firmware for VIA12 from here.

2. Start Pathport Manager. From the Firmware menu, choose the 'Import Firmware' option to copy the downloaded file to the correct directory in PM5.

3. Now choose the Firmware Upgrade tab, and select your VIA12 switches from the 'Upgradeable Devices' list. Click on the 'Select Latest Firmware' button, then click on 'Send Firmware'. We recommend upgrading one switch before upgrading the remainder selected as a batch.

Some Pathway Connectivity VIA switches allow for the end user to add a fiber adapter. Pathway part number 6799 is a Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) 850nm Ethernet Optical Transceiver that enables a maximum cable distance of 550m (0.3 miles) over multi mode fiber using an LC duplex connector.

If you need further distances or have different fiber specifications, please use the following as guidelines for selection:

1. The form factor must be stated as SFP (not SFP+, XENpack or others).
2. The fiber connector is LC Duplex.
3. The SFP must support Optical Gigabit Ethernet, typically referred to as 1000BASE‐SX or 1000BASE‐LX.
4. The SFP must match the type of fiber installed, either Single Mode or Multi‐Mode.
5. The SFP must support the distance required, which in turn determines the optical wavelength. 850nm is typically used for runs up to 550m, while 1310nm is typically used for runs up to 10km.
We strongly recommend each end of the connection use an identical SFP.

When the SFP module is inserted in the switch, the Module Present LED will light up. If an incompatible
module is detected, the Error LED will light up. The Port status, on the LCD screen, for Port 11 (VIA10)  will indicate 1000BASE‐LX or 1000BASE‐SX, as well as the link status.
The VIA10 will only work with 1000BASE fiber modules, and will not work with non‐fiber (SFP modules
that convert to Gigabit copper) or 100BASE fiber modules. The VIA12 should work with these other SFP
modules, but has not been tested.
When connecting a VIA to another manufacturer’s switch using fiber, please bear in mind that some
switches check the manufacturer’s ID, as announced by the SFP, and will only connect to a matching
brand. VIA switches do not perform a manufacturer’s ID check, and should work with any SFP module
meeting the criteria above (Cisco, Finisar, Netgear, etc.)




VIA12 +2 Gigabit Ethernet Switch



Wall Mount Kit


Truss Mount Kit


100W, 48VDC Speakon External
PoE Power Supply (VIA12)


SFP 850nm Ethernet Optical Transceiver