Portable, table-top backbox for Choreo™, Vignette™ and NSB™.

Choreo Consolette

Button and Slider Station Consolette (PoE Only)

Consolette makes it easy to integrate Choreo, Vignette and NSB into systems where the controller or station must remain portable or non-permanently mounted. 

Perfect for desktop use, the Consolette features non-slip rubber feet and viewing angle adjustment via the side knobs.

Simple to set up: connect the appropriate pass-through cables to the jack(s) on the rear of the unit, mount unit via mounting plate/screws, and then attach faceplate (Vignette/NSB only). 

  • Tough, powdercoated steel construction
  • Connections
    • Choreo Consolette: 1 DMX512 Output, USB Port, RS232 Input/DMX Input/Contact Closure via DB9, Ethercon/PoE Port, 24VDC port
    • Button and Slider Station Consolette: 1 Ethercon/PoE port
  • ISO M4 Camera mount hole in base
  • VESA D75mm mounting pattern holes in base
  • Locking knobs for adjusting viewing angle
  • Nonslip rubber feet
  • Matte black finish
  • RoHS 2011/65/EU
  • CE
  • 2.1 lbs (0.95 kg)
  • 7.9"W x 5"D x 6.5"H (200mm x 127mm x 165mm)

Model Number



Consolette - Desktop Choreo Enclosure
with rear ports

(requires 1001-024-24-WW Power supply, or PoE
when used 
with Choreo)


Consolette - Desktop 3-Gang
Button Slider Station with rear EtherCon



24 Watt, 24VDC Auxiliary Power Supply, Wallwart



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