The fully isolated DMX Repeater Pro offers a mode allowing the unit to be configured as an automatic 9-port console selector/hub.  Because RDM enabled ports can be both DMX inputs and outputs,  the DMX Repeater Pro is capable of selecting any of the 9 ports on the unit as the splitter's primary DMX input port.

When in HUB Mode and DMX is not present on any port of the DMX Repeater Pro, the unit cycles through each port, listening for active DMX data.  When scanning for DMX, each port is made an input for about 1 second, and the processor on the unit listens for data, while disabling all of the other ports.

Once the DMX Repeater Pro discovers DMX data on a port, all other DMX ports on the unit are automatically configured as output ports and the DMX data is actively repeated to them.  Once DMX data is removed from the DMX Repeater Pro (e.g. if the console is turned off or unplugged) the unit will begin the DMX scanning process again. 

The ideal application for the DMX Repeater Pro's 'Hub Mode' is in installations where a single console is frequently moved between different locations within a facility. Rather than use a cord patch, the DMX Repeater Pro can automatically connect the console wherever it's plugged in.

The 'Hub Mode' of the DMX Repeater Pro does not support HTP merging or prioritization, and can only route 1 active universe at a time.  For merging applications, check out the Pathport gateways, including the 8-port Pathport Octo.