December 2018

Pathport Gateway Hardware Refresh

and Lowered Pricing

2018 12 13 PathportRefresh

We are excited to announce that we have lowered the price on some of our products! As Pathway Connectivity continues to invest in its current product offering, striving to enhance and improve our design, we look to see how improvements can be made.

The Pathport OCTO, Pathport QUATTRO and Pathport 4-port eDIN have been some of the favorite DMX-over-Ethernet gateways over the years and we decided it was time for an upgrade. Don’t worry though: there is no change to the feature set or functionality. These gateways have had a hardware refresh, and as a result, a performance upgrade. They look, feel and act the same as they always have, and the best part is that we were able to lower the cost! You can now purchase these Pathports with increased performance at an even better price!