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Pathscape™, the sucessor to Pathport Manager, is a free software suite for configuration of Pathway's entire product line, including VIA™, Pathport™ gateways, Cognito2™, Choreo™, NSB™, Vignette™, and eDIN™ interface cards.

Complex sub-universe channel patching can now be achieved with a simple drag-and-drop graphical editor.

VIA port configuration can be done en masse with copy and paste commands, and much more.

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 Vignette™ is an architectural control system consisting of customizable button and slider wall stations that allow you to capture and recall up to four universes of E1.31 sACN and one universe of DMX512.

Playback and crossfade between snapshots, complex zones, single channels or non-dims over a very large network of stations using PoE or multidrop wiring topology.

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