The following Pathport models are discontinued:

R-Series 2-port nodes.  As of December 1 2010, this product is no longer available.  R-Series nodes remain upgradable using the latest firmware released for C-Series nodes.

Models: 6235, 6241, 6242, 6243.

R-Series nodes should be replaced with Pathport Quattro nodes.
Product Note:  Although the R-Series nodes allow the user to change the basic universe patch from the front panel, this is not recommended.  Pathway recommends that the front panel be locked out, using Pathport Manager, and that Pathport Manager be used to set the universe patch.


DMX Manager Plus! 4-port nodes.  As of March 31 2011, this product is no longer available.

Models: 6301, 6302.

The final firmware upgrade for the DMX Manager Plus! may be found here.  No further development or firmware support of this product is planned.

The replacement for the DMX Manager Plus is the Pathport Quattro.